Sunday, July 25, 2010

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Throughout this week I will begin posting the recipes to the meals that my $76.00 bought from Publix, easy ideas to save money while shopping, and for those who live in my area I will be talking a bit about using our weekly ads to plan your meals. I will also be exporting a sheet that can be used by any family to create a budget you can stick to or at least one that can tell you where you are in your finances.

In addition to saving money lately, I am also taking on the challenge of eating healthy too, so instead of eating peanut butter and jelly and hamburger helper, the meals that I am making will be healthy cheap, and quick to make. Clipping coupons, making lists, and taking a little more time can take you back to a debt free lifestyle. Follow Me!!

Start today, go buy your local newspaper and clip out the coupons! Spending $1.50 today on a paper could save you tons of money over the coming weeks!

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