Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Coupons Coupons and More Coupons

If you picked up your Sunday paper this week, then you got the P&G coupon booklet, right????  Great coupons this week, and the big bonus is the Coupon Booklet that you can receive from P&G which they are claiming is worth $110 in savings.  Thankfully, I have been saving my receipts each week so that I can comparison shop and look back at prices and savings; so I am already in the habit of sticking them in a safe place. 

In order to receive this coupon booklet, you need to spend at least $50 on P&G items between 08/20/10 and 12/31/10.  I use Tide and Pampers, and can tell you that I spend close to $80 per month on diapers so I don't see this being a problem at all.  Other qualifying items that you may already buy include Crest, Bounty, Cascade, Charmin, Downey, and Duracell batteries.  Heck just in getting a hurricane supply bin together you could probably rack up enough items to get this coupon book.  The Mail In Form appeared on the 2nd page of the P&G coupons, but if you didn't have a chance to get the Sunday paper this week, there is a link to the form that you can use at www.southernsavers.com

This Sunday when I went to Publix, I used $18.00 in coupons alone, I was so proud of myself because really that's the equivalent of a package of diapers for me, or a manicure but who's really keeping tabs on that :)

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