Monday, August 23, 2010

Figs and Feedback

I knew as soon as I saw the ad in the Bluffton today that I would probably end up offending someone from Starbucks. Which of course I did, who decidedly called the Vox and complained that the headline for the article even appeared on the front page of the paper.  Funny enough, in the article I did say how much I love Starbucks, how great the drive-through attendant is, and that it is in essence, my "happy place."  Funny that this person even thinks that by my writing this article about cutting costs I have in essence put his/her job in jeopardy as well.  Oh well, I guess you can't please everybody, but it could have just as easily been written about a cigarette company if I smoked, or Macy's if I was addicted to buying clothes.  Anyhow back to saving money, in no particular order.

Figs . . . Have you ever eaten a fig?  I'm sure that you have heard of Figgy Pudding, I think it's in Scrooge the movie and maybe even a Christmas song, but figs are super delicious.  It just so happens that Figs are on sale at Publix, buy one get one free so if you only want one package (which is really all you need to buy at one time since they are very perishable), then they will only cost you $3.00.  For figs, this is a great price since they normally run about $6.00 per pint in this area probably due to the fact that they are shipped all the way from California.  Figs can be used in so many dishes, and are considered by some diet fanatics and nutritionists to be one of the super foods.  This week, we are making a pizza with figs, prosciutto, and both fontina and mozzarella cheese.  But since there are about 15 figs in the package, the pizza will only use 5.    We will also be broiling them in the oven, drizzling them with honey and serving them over vanilla frozen yogurt for an "off my diet" treat. 

If you happen to be having company this week or throwing a get together, buy a package of figs and stuff with cheese, then wrap with thin slices of prosciutto.  Super easy and you will look like a gourmet chef.  There are many recipes online, but any sweet or savory soft cheese will do just fine.  You can serve them cold or pop them in the oven to crisp up the prosciutto and warm the cheese.  I am getting hungry just thinking about it.  Figs can also be frozen for up to about 10 months or so if you don't plan on using the entire package.