Monday, August 9, 2010

Play like a tourist, PAY like a local!

This year has been hard on many of us, and the vacation funds seem like the first thing to go, but with Hilton Head Island right around the corner, it seems fitting that we plan our vacation here this year.  Tourists spend thousands of dollars coming from all over the country to enjoy the beaches, food, and lush island that for us is practically home for those of us that live in Bluffton.  So this year, let's be tourists in our home towns.  There are so many activities that we have not done on the island, so many restaurants that we have not yet dined in and many possibilities to accommodate our tastes on the weekend.  BUT . . . you know me, we need to save money and set a budget for our mini-vacation.  As the island has just had it's best tourist month in July, Hilton Head businesses will begin salivating for locals pretty soon.  The drop off happens right after labor day when the kids head back to school, and the local businesses begin to offer more specials, put out more ads and coupons, and are practically begging for local support. 

This is the time for you to plan a full day of activities for the entire family on the island.  Enjoy the beach, eat out at the local restaurants, and pretend that you have traveled many many miles for this paradise when in reality you only had to sit in the car for 20 minutes.  That is my kind of vacation, cheap, easy and fun.  Here are some tips and ideas that you can use to make the most of your money in the Hilton Head area:
  1. Use COUPONS - I'm pretty sure that I've said this before, but knowing where to find the coupons is the key.  Hilton Head businesses spend thousands of dollars each year to print these coupons and it is our job to use them. 
  2. Check websites for specials and happy hours
  3. Ask if the restaurant or business offers any locals discounts, many do but they aren't advertised and they want your business in the off season, so even if they don't have an actual special, they may give you something just to bring you back in again.
  4. Join the Hilton Head Insiders Club which offers a card that brings with it many discounts in the area:
Check the websites below for coupons, ads, and specials to help in planning your day on the Island:

Places to Save:

If you are located outside of the Hilton Head area, vacation close to home this year.  Go online and check out the specials, visit a museum or historical site that you have never toured - take advantage of what your city has to offer!

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