Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Get back out there!

So after taking a little bit of a hard hit from the vets in our area, I took a little break from writing both my blog and my column.  Even though I was accused of "having an axe to grind," that was not my intention at all.   I really upset both Bluffton Vet and Coastal Vet by calling them for prices and services, then publishing those prices in the paper.  My question I pose to you is this, "If they are so upset that inaccurate information was posted, then why don't they make these prices public knowledge by putting them in black and white on their websites?"  I believe that my words were taken a bit out of context, when they cited that "obviously you get what you pay for".  You absolutely do "get what you pay for," but the point of my blog is to save readers' money, and sometimes that means sacrificing a little quality in order to get the job done. 

When I told my readers to go to the Dollar Store for bread, I have to assume that you know that the Dollar Store does not offer the same amenities and services as Publix, but I figured that my readers were smart enough to know that.  Just as when I told my story about calling the local vets, you need to know that they were just that, Phone calls to the clerk who answered the phone at the vet's office. I was merely stating prices on the specific items that I was requesting, and I did not stop by to see the vet's credentials, cleanliness of the facility, or chat with the vet to see if he or she was personable.   As for the recommendation of the vet clinic in Beaufort, sorry, but that came directly from the Humane Society on Hilton Head Island.  I can only infer that they do not know of a more affordable vet nearby, or I assume they would have referred me there. 

Now I will go back to my original intent which is to invite you on my "Money Saving" journey.  This morning as I watched the Today Show, there was a quote that was mentioned from Hoda's new book that she says changed her life.  "Your journey is not all about you."  I agree, if you are on a journey and you are learning from that journey, no matter what it is, you have an obligation to share your experiences and knowledge with those who want to listen.  Use your experiences to help others. 

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  1. Thank you so much for all the info that you give us, it really helps on this economy, and like you said if u want to get something cheaper you have to get ride of the fancy staff or princess style, but it never means you are going to get bad things just regular service, any way you are the only that decides if give away your money paying for the business expenses or just pay for products or services.....