Friday, August 13, 2010

Back to Shopping. . .

My focus today has been coupons, coupons, and more coupons and my new favorite website that I must share with you.  It's called, and I am learning so much more about grocery shopping then I ever could have thought. 

First off, let's talk about Publix.  Upon entering Publix grocery store, make sure that you are looking at the flyer stands in the entrance, because some of those inserts contain great coupons that you can use right then and there.  Secondly, Publix takes a large variety of coupons, and I tested this out last weekend.  Publix will take both a store coupon and a manufacturers' coupon on the same item, they take competitor's coupons (like Target), and you don't have to buy 2 items to get their Buy One Get One special.  I also read that they have a secret penny item on Wednesday, this week it was supposed to be the Publix Iced Tea, but I didn't find the coupon and haven't yet figured this whole thing out, but don't worry, I'm on it and I'll let you know.

Ok, now let's talk a little bit about Kroger, while their customer service is not as great as Publix, the prices are a little cheaper overall from what I have found.  They also allow you to add coupons to your Kroger card from both the Kroger website and the Cellfire website, and you are allowed to have 2 coupons for the same item if they come from different websites.  In addition to the coupons you add to your card, you can also use printed coupons or ones out of the paper as well. is great for printing coupons to use and so often you will have a coupon already added to your Kroger card as well.  Big bonus is when the item is already on sale too, which means you either get the item for free or you get it for a few cents.  I love this!  Both last week and this week you could get a package of Nature's Own Clusters for free if you added the coupon to your Kroger card and then printed a coupon to take with you.  It's work, but who can argue with getting free snacks. 

Visit the website to help you save at many of the groceries stores in our area as well as Walgreens and Target!

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