Monday, August 16, 2010

Do it Yourself!

Whether you are crafty, good with computers, or handy around the house, we all have talents that we can use to save money. My husband for instance, and thank goodness, is extremely handy around the house. This is helpful for times when things break or just need a little tweaking. When the back door to our house doesn't shut the way that it should, he is able to go and buy the items needed at Lowes or Home Depot to fix it fairly quickly. This month to save money, he is changing the oil on our cars. Advance Auto parts has a sale that includes 5 quarts of oil and an oil filter for $16.99. So for the price of one oil change, he can get both of our cars done. I searched a few places in the area and am listing the prices below, that way if you can't change your own oil, at least you'll be able to use your money wisely:

  • Tire Kingdom - $21.99 with online coupon until 08/31
  • Walmart - $30.00
  • Firestone - $25.99
  • Tires Plus - $23.99
As for me, I do our taxes, obviously our financial planning, and I get crafty around the house. I recently was in a store in Bluffton that sold bow holders for little girls. I loved them, but they were $40 plus, so I stood there and took it all in, I hesitate to take a picture when I am in a store, but if I see something when no one else is around, I would definitely take my phone out and snap a shot. I know that Michaels sells all the ribbon and wood needed for a project like this so I went home to think about it. Upon observing my daughter's room, I noticed that she has a pink wooden wall hanging that would be perfect, so I got some pretty polka dot ribbon and with a staple gun added the ribbon to the wall hanging. PERFECT! It looked even better than the ones in the store for a fraction of the price. Don't be afraid to try to replicate something that you see, yours might turn out even better than you expected.


  1. And I just found out the other day that Jiffy Lube is $38 and change! For an oil change!

  2. Here's an off subject tip, but a good one! For stains on carpet, instead of hiring a carpet cleaner, or renting a carpet cleaning machine, saturate the stain in ammonia, put a towel over it, and iron it on high heat! The fumes will kill you, but IT WORKS! It not only got out DRIED red wine from my carpet, but also an entire tube of cranberry red lipstick that my dog ate! The stain will transfer to the towel, so be sure you use one you don't mind losing. I'd rather spend a few bucks on ammonia and lose a towel, than pay for a cleaner!

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  4. My email is - Yes please add me as a memeber of BlogJam. Thanks!